Cultural Agenda

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Whether it’s online or on stage, we have something for everyone: debates, contests, concerts, cinema, plays, shows for the little and the big ones…

All events depends on collaboration with artists and the Alliance française network.

Janvier / January
。Green Month
。L’Alliance fait son cinéma / The alliance makes its cinema
Février / February
。Chandeleur – soirée crêpe / Candlemas – pancake night
。Carnaval / Carnival
Mars / March
。Mois de la Francophonie / Month of the Francophonie
。Rencontre avec les écoles / Meeting with the schools
Avril / April
。Pâques / Easter
。L’Alliance fait son cinema / The Alliance makes its cinema
。Marché du Goût / Food Fair
Mai / May
。Collaboration avec le European Film Festival / Collaboration with the European Film Festival

 Juin / June

。Fête de la musique / International Music Day 

Juillet / July
。14 juillet Fête Nationale / Bastille Day
Août / August
Septembre / September

。Open day
。Back to school 

。 Petite École

Octobre / October
。Mois du Kreyol / Kreyol Month
。L’Alliance fait son cinéma / The Alliance makes its movies
Novembre / November
。Journée Internationale du prof du français / International French Teacher’s Day
。Beaujolais Nouveau – Wine and Cheese
Décembre / December
。Marché de Noel / Christmas Walk

Fête de la Musique 2022

The AF Team invites you to join to celebrate La Fête de la Musique in its garden on the 21st of June from 4pm to 9pm

Launched in 1982 by the Ministry of Culture with the aim of bringing music to the streets. Free and open to all musicians, amateurs and professionals, the Fête de la Musique is aimed at all audiences and highlights all musical genres.

Cultural  Events Highlights 

European Film Festival 2022

The European Film Festival (EFF) began in 1996. It showcases films from the European Union (EU), and is organized by the EU Member States with diplomatic missions in Trinidad and Tobago — France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain — and the EU Delegation.

For 2022 most of our films will be streamed online and you can enjoy movies for free and on demand from May 1st for one month.

No ticket reservations necessary!

Food Fair 2022

The month of April ended in style with the first edition of our Food Fair! It was a wonderful opportunity to discover and showcase local and healthy food !

Francophonie 2022

 The month of March is dedicated to the Francophonie, here are the words of his Excellency Didier Chabert Ambassador of France in Trinidad and Tobago on the Francophonie and its role.

La Semaine de la Francophonie

On the occasion of the Mois de la Francophonie, the Alliance Française de Trinité – et Tobago invites you to discover the diversity and richness of the French language through a fun activity. To mark this meeting, the Alliance Française de Trinité – et – Tobago has created a workshop which aims to encourage learners to express themselves and discover the French language in a different way. This workshop took place online and face-to-face at Holy Name Covent 180. 180 students were able to participate in this workshop.

On the occasion of the Francophonie week, the Fondation des Alliances Françaises wrote an article compiling all the actions of the Alliances Françaises around the world.

Green Month 2022

Green Month 2022 : The purpose of this project is to initiate the Alliance Française de Trinité et Tobago to raise environmental awareness among its members. A change in the environmental culture of Trinidad and Tobago is important to address the urgent global crises of climate change and environmental pollution. As an institution, the Alliance aims to reduce its environmental impact and promote action for climate protection. We have a cultural program for each month, so we want to add an environmental month in January during which we will talk about environmental issues on our networks and organize events.


Hackaton : Gender inequalities. Congratulations to the team of Trinidad for the « Coup de coeur du jury ».

Christmas Market 2021

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations, the team of the Alliance Française of Trinidad and Tobago organized a Christmas market. It was the occassiom to meet and share the Christmas spirit !

1951 – 2021 70th Anniversary 

This year, in 2021, the Alliance française of Trinidad & Tobago was celebrating its 70th anniversary. To end this anniversary, we have prepared a video for you. Thank you to the people who answered our questions.
Happy Anniversary to our beautiful Alliance Française !

Journée du Professeur de Français 2021

As every year, this day will promote the profession of French teacher through events and activities aimed at creating solidarity and bonding. During this day, teachers will be able to meet, discuss and share their practices and experiences.

To learn more about our dear French teachers, visit our instagram to discover them by clicking on the button below !

Patois Month 

Each year on October at the Alliance française of Trinidad & Tobago  we celebrate the Patois ! Through activities such as Patois classes and stroytelling the Alliance Française makes discover the richness of the Patois !

To honor Trinidad and Tobago Patois, the Alliance Française is pleased to share with you some tales.

The first tale is : Pwan Ti Ban la 2013 Sizé Trinidad Patois Story read by Nnamdi Hodge.

To discover more about the Patois, visit our Youtube channel !

Summer 2021 

The Alliance Française of Trinidad and Tobago hopes you enjoyed the summer of 2021 with Camille, Hannah, Eleonore and Hilary.
Discover  France and the French Indies with our Summer Serie !

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Camille in Paris

 Eleonor in the Limousin

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H&H in the French Indies 

 To continue following the serie H&H in the French Indies, clic on the button to discover more videos !

 Fête de la Musique 2021 

 We hope you enjoyed “La fête de la musique 2021” with Alliance Française. Thanks to our talented artists : Annalie Prime, Fred Deshayes, Methi’s.



If you want to watch their wonderful performance again and again, just click on the videos.
Enjoy !