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Events calendar
All events depends on collaboration with artists and the Alliance francaise network

Janvier / January : 

Green Month 
L’alliance fait son cinéma / The alliance makes its cinema

Fevrier / February :
Chandeleur – soirée crêpe / Candlemas – pancake night
Carnaval / Carnival

Mars / March :
Mois de la Francophonie / Month of the Francophonie
Rencontre avec les écoles / Meeting with the schools

Avril / April :
Paques / Easter
L’Alliance fait son cinema / The Alliance makes its cinema


Mai / May :
Collaboration avec le European Film Festival / Collaboration with the European Film Festival

Juin / June :
Fête de la musique

 Juillet / July :
14 juillet
Travel with me…


Août / August :
Garage sale
Travel with me

Septembre/ September :
Open day
Back to school

Octobre / October :
Mois du Kreyol / Kreyol Month
L’Alliance fait son cinéma / The Alliance makes its movies

Novembre / November :
Journée Internationale du prof du francais / International French Teacher’s Day
Beaujolais Nouveau – Wine and Cheese


Décembre / December :
Marché de Noel / Christmas Walk



This year, in 2021, the Alliance française of Trinidad & Tobago was celebrating its 70th anniversary. To end this anniversary, we have prepared a video for you. Thank you to the people who answered our questions.
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Alliance Française !

JPF 2021 : Journée du Professeur de Français

This is the last video of the Patois month.
Discover the association of Bois Academy. We decided to end the Patois month with a little cultural reflection around the Stick Fighting in Trinidad, an important element of Caribbean culture.
Kalenda or Kalinda is a sacred martial tradition also known as stick fighting in Trinidad and Tobago. For the practitioners of Kalenda/Kalinda it is a way of life like many other martial arts globally.
We thank them very much and invite you to follow their work on their respective pages !  @boisacademy

In the last week of October, discover the association Mayoleurs du Moule. We decided to do a little reflection around the Stick Fighting, an important element of Caribbean culture. Originating in West Africa, in countries such as Benin, the Mayolè is a traditional stick dance very close to a martial art. It emerged during the period of slavery in Guadeloupe. Although it initially appeared in the commune of Saint-François,, it is now mainly practised in the commune of le Moule, notably because of the death of many practioners during the First World War. We thank them very much.

The Alliance française of Trinidad-and-Tobago honours Trinidad Patois

The first tale is :Pwan Ti Ban la 2013 Sizé Trinidad Patois Story read by Nnamdi Hodge.

The second Tale is a Trinidad Patois story read by Abrianna Mathew, student at Alliance. 

The last tale is :  Conte Kompe Tig epi Komple Lapen Trinidad read by Erasmus Francis Romany

The Alliance française of Trinidad-and-Tobago honours the famous storyteller : Benzo. Teacher, storyteller, actor, musician, Benzo (Benjamin Moïse) lives in Capesterre, Guadeloupe. For the past fifteen years, he has participated in an impressive number of cultural events: theatre productions, children’s programmes, participation in various storytelling festivals etc.


The first tale is : « Zamba vlé manjé Lapen – Zamba wants to eat the Rabbit »

The second video is Benzo is teaching us some Creole (Patois) with a simple and effective technique that he created !

The second tale is :  « Mr Hervé’s chicken ».

The Alliance française presents Ms. Terez Léotin.
In those videos, you will discover who is this talented Martinican writer, learn more about her work and why she writes in Creole. She will also tell us more about her vision of the Creole language. The Tale : Grounou’y é Fonmi
We thank her very much and invite you to follow her work on :

The Alliance Française of Trinidad and Tobago hopes you enjoyed the summer of 2021 with Camille, Hannah, Eleonore and Hilary.
Discover again and again France and the French Indies

Camille in Paris

Eleonore in the Limousin

H&H in the French Indies



We hope you enjoyed “La fête de la musique 2021” with Alliance Française. Thanks to our talented artists : Annalie Prime, Fred Deshayes, Methi’s.





If you want to watch their wonderful performance again and again, just click on the videos.
Enjoy !