Kids French & Fun  

Kids French & Fun classes offer instruction in French for non-native speakers. They’re taught by skilled instructors, many of whom are FLE-certified. The aim of these clubs is normally to provide a first exposure in spoken and written French. They’re ideal for foreign and international students who speak little to no French. Registration form on the Home Page.




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Here at the Alliance Française, we welcome the opportunity to plant the first seeds of French into your youngster’s heart and mind.

Through a variety of techniques such as art, music, drama, poetry and games we provide students with the elements essential to build a solid foundation in the French language.

So come along with us as we continue in our journey toward learning about the French language and culture!

Form Classes 

Form and Cape classes offer support and reinforcement for students registered in the local school system. They’re taught by skilled instructors, many of whom are Fle Certified and/or Secondary schools teachers.

The aim of these classes is normally to develop competency or fluency in spoken and written French, to offer grammar and vocabulary reinforcement and to help students preparing for exams such as CSEC French or Cape French.

They’re ideal for students who are doing French as a subject in school already.

Cape Classes 


35 Hours/  Term

Reinforcement preparing student for local  examnination

。CAPE Unit 1

– Written expression techniques and strategies 

– Literature Analysis 

– Preparation and IA Practice 


35 Hours/ Term 

Reinforcement preparing student for local examination 

。CAPE 2 Unit 2 

– Written Expression in French Advanced skills 

– Literature Analysis 

– Preparation and IA Practice 


The French reference since 1951

Our teachers are highly qualified  holding French as a Foreign Language degrees. The Alliance Française of Trinidad and Tobago has  developed the best expertise in teaching French in Trinidad and Tobago. 


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